Tuning in to your needs!

We arrange a meeting in person so that you can talk to us about your ideas and expectations regarding the envisaged software. This valuable insight into your requirements and in-depth description of your company’s operational and business processes allows us to design the best suited solutions. Besides, we are committed to supporting our partners by offering advice and ideas on how to reach the highest level of operational efficiency.
Following this initial encounter, we take a day or two to work out a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining the main functionalities and operating principles of a system based on the information you provided. The MoU also contains a price estimate so that you can decide whether to go ahead and place an order for the software. The quotation helps you assess the order of magnitude of the expected investment and the approximate time period for its completion. The final specifications and the overall budget for the project are finalised at the close of the planning phase.