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Following the domain driven design principle, we provide unique solutions that reflect the specific business logic of your services
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When designing a software, developer teams quite often do not have a deep understanding of the business processes of their client’s services. Consequently, numerous problems might arise:


  • major last minute modifications are required due to misunderstandings,
  • the software needs to be rewritten for the introduction of new functions,
  • the software is not completely able to fulfill its original function,
  • new business processes require a complete rewrite.

Our team is specialized in providing simple and effective solutions to problems like these!

Contrary to some classic methodologies, when designing the software we concentrate on the expected functionality and the actual business processes instead of the database structure or the order of the interface elements.

We complement the domain driven design methodology with our self constructed cloud-native applications that significantly boost the developer team’s performance, while also supporting the business processes. 

Growing your client base without technical limits

The elastically scaling resource management does not limit the number of clients and transactions your system will be able to handle.

Cost and resource optimization

The system uses the exact amount of resources necessary at any given moment. When the number of concurrent users starts to decline, the system automatically decreases its resource usage. This way, you will only pay for the resource-intensive cloud native services, when the business processes justify it.

Automation instead of manual control

By choosing the appropriate infrastructure, framework and other technical solutions, the operational tasks can be minimized, and the expansion of the services will not cause recruitment issues.

Continuous operation

A professionally built software architecture makes it possible to deliver updates and fixes without stopping the services, and the users will not experience system downtimes.

Service quality

Using the appropriate automated mechanisms, the quality and reliability of the codes can be assured with minimal effort.

Continuous feedback

The software development happens in sprints, generating weekly results, which help planning the monitoring, testing, and optimizing market decisions.
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