Plensys inSight is an IT consulting and quality assurance service that forms a bridge between customers and contractors, as well as the management and the developer teams of large software projects and companies. By monitoring the technical and monetary aspects of software development, the communication and the allocation of resources can be simplified.
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In the last two decades we worked on several projects whose main goals were establishing financial, accounting, controlling and logistics systems and frameworks. We delivered solutions to startups in order to ensure their scalability, and we worked with large local and international companies. Along the years we have learned that efficient communication is key between the creative developer teams and their clients.

inSight+ technical project management

After the detailed evaluation of a software system, within inSight+ we appear as professional advisors who follow the project from a technological aspect, supporting the team in creating an agile working methodology, while keeping the focus on the business domain. Besides the technical aspects we ensure the transparency of the process.

Shortening delivery times, flattening the learning curve

The creative developer team will remain the owner of the project, while we join in a consultative role to ensure the smooth operation of the business processes. We accurately map the business domain, we help create the software architecture – so the system will have a strong base – and finally, we provide continuous quality assurance to filter out complications that might otherwise arise.

The inSight method

The inSight portfolio includes consulting and management services in the areas of software architecture design and operation, software development methodologies and principles, system design and performance optimization. During a preliminary internal audit we discuss topics including, but not limited to:

Software design
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During an all-inclusive collaboration, we
  • consult the project regarding the software development methodology
  • help refine the business domain
  • help design and implement the software architecture

We provide cloud native infrastructure using the highest level of technology to help software developer teams build dynamically scaling and low-maintenance systems.

Developing in sprints, we provide continuous feedback and functioning versions of applications to the client, so product concept and market testing are smoother.

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