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The Pragmatic Cloudware is a Kubernetes based, cloud native Internal Developer Platform. It enables developer teams to use the latest technologies and apply the appropriate design adn development methodologies when creating software
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Doing everything on your own is difficult

Developing an enterprise level software is a complex process that requires huge amounts of human resources and experience with a set of technologies. Adding up the necessary technical skills and the human and hardware capacities, creating large scale software solutions means large expenditures.

However, cloud based operation - if it is properly optimized - can significantly reduce maintenance and development costs.

Improve the developer's experience with Pragmatic Cloudware:

The Plensys Pragmatic Cloudware is a well defined platform, framework and service. With its fixed and simple elements, users can skip learning numerous software development processes and technologies.

We recommend our platform to companies who are building high performance management and web systems, have little time for research and development, or do not feel confident using the following technologies:

Continuous delivery
The Pragmatic Cloudware is a great choice when reducing the time of software development is important, hence the time and money spent on research can be dedicated to improving the business processes instead. By using the platform, a system can go live instantly, and it will be only a matter of application development and smart prioritization of how fast it can be made available to customers.

How can Pragmatic Cloudware help you?

Auto Scaling

Your system will always use the exact amount of resources that is necessary at a given moment. The elastic scalability enables the system to service a rapidly growing client base, therefore the need for increased performance will not interfere with the organic growth of the business.

Continuous Delivery

With a well designed software architecture, updates and bug fixes can be performed without shutting down the system, so clients will not notice any disruptions in the service level. The process is automated, safe and predictable, and does not mean extra burden on either party.

As a result, your clients will enjoy the benefits of receiving new software versions earlier. Additionally, responding to critical errors takes less time than usual. 

High Availability

High Availability refers to a system that is capable of operating continuously for a designated period of time that is higher than usual. In practice, this means that the maximum length of a daily interruption is 1 minute and 17.8 seconds. On average, our current services perform a lot better than that, approaching 99.98% of availability.

Disaster Recovery

All data handled by our services are safe at all times, and in case of disasters we take care of their recovery. Regardless of their location - if they are stored in relational databases, NoSQL, or other containers - they are always run and stored in different availability zones. This way, if any of the availability zones gets damaged, the files remain intact, while the system can still operate due to the redundant service and storage solutions.

Fault Tolerance

In the cloud, everything is unpredictable. Due to their high numbers, some tools can stop functioning from time to time. Most modern systems are not individual islands, but integrate to a set of different services such as online payment systems, invoicing solutions, etc. These exterior applications can also malfunction, that is why our solutions are built to be able to handle such situations in a self-healing manner.


Using the solutions of our market leading partners we provide DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall and DNSSEC services, while the continuous security analysis notifies the developers regarding potential errors and risks.

World class content providing services 

The quality, accessibility and SEO compatibility of our solutions are all essential to us, therefore we provide high standard, enterprise level CDN services.

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