Ebanking framework | Corporate banking | Native cloud system | Domain Driven Design | Continuous Delivery | Devops | Angular JS | Cloud Foundry | Redis | RabbitMQ | Bosh | AWS

Development of complete, cloud native corporate banking platform


The primary aim of the project was the development of cloud native services and platform supporting Internet banking. It has been extended to a general purpose cloud native banking platform – the design of the system has been completed using DDD methodology.  A cloud native, multi tenant banking platform has been developed. The aim of the development was to provide a corporate banking platform, that can integrate the banking systems, and supports definition of corporate business processes based on DSL. Used technologies: Spring Cloud stack, Netflix stack, Angular JS, Cloud Foundry, PostgreSQL, OrientDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Chef, Bosh, AWS, Jenkins. Used methodologies: Domain-Driven Design, Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Infrastructura as Code, Devops.



Bank | Finances | Rights management | Real estate collar secured credit | Electronic trading system | Basel 2 compliancy | Credit risk handling | Controlling | Automated categorization

Development of diverse specialized systems for Hungarian and Central and Eastern European Tier 2 banks


The aim of the centralized rights management system development was to provide a uniformly working rights management solution, that can be accessed by all specialized banking systems (including e-banking system). The system supports electronic signature and handles signage groups required for manually signed money transfers. The development has been completed based on  WebSphere AS, J2EE, SOA, DB2, Java 1.4, Maven Project technologies.

Development of specialized system handling credits secured on real estate collar – based on WebSphere AS, J2EE, SOA, DB2, Java 1.4, Ant technologies.

Development of electronic trading system, and integration with other specialized systems – based on Jboss, J2EE, SOA, STS own framework, Oracle, Java 1.4 technologies.

Development of market and credit risk modules to provide Basel2 compliancy – based on Oracle 9iAS, J2EE, Oracle, MVC, Ant  technologies.

Development of multi tenant software, algorithms to support automated categorization of transactions for the whole group of companies in seven countries – based on Spring 3, Maven 3, Java 6, SOA, MyBatis 3, ExtJs, Weblogic technologies.



Food surplus and waste management | Offer | Host | Request | Quality assurance | Courier management | Gathering point | Logistics management | Pricing | Business process management | Native cloud based

Bixio Consulting Ltd. – Development of a platform supporting management of food surplus and food waste recycling


The aim of the project was to develop a software platform to manage the secondary usage of food surplus and waste, and the accompanied logistic tasks. The design of the working model and the development of a prototype community and business administration platform was also part of the project. The platform supports self administration of offers and product requests, pricing, completion of management tasks of administrators, and management of logistics tasks. The core functionality of the system is accessible also through dedicated mobile application.



Module of OÉNY | Justice expert of building affairs | Integration with client access portal | Secondment | Status | Tasks | Document management | Templates | Inspection | Expert opinion | Bill of costs | Electronic submission | Quarterly report

Lechner tudásközpont – Development of Justice Expert module of National Records of Building Affairs (OÉNY)


The completed system is a module of the National Records of Building Affairs (OÉNY). The main functionality is the complete support of the tasks of justice experts. The core functions:

  • the system is integrated with the OÉNY framework and client access portal uses the core services, for example rights management, messaging, standard interfaces;
  • the secondments can be recorded, and the status of the tasks related to the secondments can be traced;
  • the incoming documents and the documents generated by the user in other applications can be recorded and uploaded to the system;
  • the documents prepared as a result of the experts work can be recorded and generated from the system using predefined templates;
  • inspections can be organized using the system, and the invitation can be sent automatically from the system;
  • the system support preparing the experts opinion, recording of the content, generation of document based on predefined templates, and official electronic submission of the document;
  • the system support preparing the bill of costs, recording of the content, generation of document based on predefined templates, and official electronic submission of the document;
  • the system supports the generation of quarterly official report.



Online ticket sales | bankcard payment | Barion integration | invoicing integration | Own event handling | Partner event handling | integration | Auditorium editor

Broadway ticket-agency – Development of back-office system and webpage supporting event ticket sales


The system support online sales of tickets for events of Broadway agency and it’s partners. The sales of partner agencies tickets are implemented through the integration. The events marked for partner sales appear on the website as a result of timely synchronization through the API. The tickets for events organized by the Broadway agency are sold through the same system. The content and appearance of tickets and the seats of the related auditorium can be edited in the system. The price of the tickets for Broadway organized events can be paid through the integrated Barion service, and the invoices are prepared be the integrated system.



Multinational sales controlling | Riport processing | Consolidation | Monthly report generation | Budget management | Monthly closing | Decision tree | MS SQL server | Excel | Online system

Greif BSC Europe Ltd. – System developed to support processing and consolidation of monthly sales reports of the subsidiaries of the group, and monthly controlling report generation for the subsidiares


The Greif BSC Europe Ltd. operates the sales controlling activities of the Greif group, that produces industrial packaging products. A Microsoft SQL Server-based solution has been developed, instead of the former Microsoft Access based system. The system transparently incorporates the complex decision tree used by the processing, controlling classification and consolidation of the reported data. This way the source and reason of all imported data, and reported data generated by the system can be checked and tracked by the users. The system performs also consistency checks between the data of the uploaded reports and master files. The system also encorporate monthly closing functionality to ensure the protection of data of already processed, previous periods. The processing time of reports has been greatly reduced, and the system supports the automatic monthly report generation for unique or all subsidiaries.



HR system | Group of companies | Labour agreements | Work schedule | Work order | Replacement | Annual paid leave | Diverse working weeks | Sick leave | Record of attendance | Reporting

Exclusive Change group- Development of group level HR system


The system supports the registration of companies employees, and recording of labour agreements. The foreign exchange offices can be added with their respected open hours, and their order of business. The work schedule of the employees can be optimized based on their recorded monthly working hours and already performed working hours. The system supports the registration of paid and sick leaves, and optimal selection / management of replacements. The program prepares electronic record of attendances reports, and reports for payroll calculation.



Patient identification system | Armband | QR code | HIS integration | Dosing | Transfusion | Exhibition | Medical attendance | WHO intervention | Zebra device | Mobile device | Web

Development of patient identification, patient security system integrated with various Hospital Information Systems


The systems supports allocation of armbands to the patients, and identification of the patients based on the QR code of the armband on Zebra devices and using standard mobile devices. Unique medical, patient related data can be requested from the integrated HIS systems, for example name, known allergies, etc… The patient security functionality is continuously extended. The recently supported functionality:  requesting medication data from HIS, recording medication (identifying the patient based on the QR code of the armband), requesting prescribed transfusions from HIS, recording completed transfusions, requesting completed nursing activities from HIS, recording nursing activities, recording vital results and synchronising with HIS system.



Consulting | Concept | Specification | Critical care | Baseline map of medical attendance | Patient pathway management | Data asset utilisation | Data warehouse | Business intelligence | Integration

As part of the EFOP-1.9.6-16 Electronic medical care sector development flagship project we provided consulting services focusing on development of critical care operator decision support system and as the part of the C-component of the project on development of the utilisation of the data assets of medical care sector. 


The aim of the completed tasks related to the critical care operator decision support system was to prepare conceptual plan of a system supporting the tasks of critical care in hungarian medical care environment with at least the following functionality:

  • Supporting the electronic patient registration and patient data recording processes of the critical care unit
  • Decision support based on protocols and best practice to raise the level of quality of services
  • Patient pathway management, process management
  • Support recording and analysing all standard required patient data
  • Integration with other systems, primarily HIS used in hungarian medical care facilities

The aim of the completed tasks related to the utilization of data assets of medical care sector was to find further opportunities of utilization of the collected data assets of medical care sector, and preparing proposals for unique data asset utilization solutions.

The project had the following goals:

  • Assess and identify the elements of the data assets of medical care sector, on that the data asset utilization can be based.
  • Preparing conceptual proposals covering the integration possibilities of the identified data sets, and the reports based on the integrated datasets.
  • Complete a survey of the data warehouse and business intelligence solutions used by the AEEK and other systems available on the market, and prepare a proposal based on the result of the survey about the possible tools to be used by the new system, to support decision making.
  • To specify medical care specific data warehouse and consolidated data marts, based on the planned datasets defined in the data asset utilization concept, that can serve as a base for reports supporting institution development decisions.

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